We are located in the city of Ruse.

Our company DION Ltd. was founded in 1991 with the activity of production of egg powder and pasteurized egg melange. We produce about 1500 tons of pasteurized egg melange and 1000 tons of egg powder per year.

Our subsidiary is DION ENGINEERING LTD.

It was founded as an engineering company with activity design, production, delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment for pasteurization and drying of eggs, milk, juice, etc, in the food industry. We have been using our equipment for many years with success.


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Today's pasteurization and our machines?

The main challenges arise in pasteurization on an industrial scale.

The most common method for pasteurization of eggs today is by heat treatment with a temperature of up to 67 degrees Celsius and a retention time of approximately 3.5 minutes, parameters that our machines offer.

Our pasteurizers can operate at temperatures of 50 to 98 degrees Celsius to meet the processing requirements of various products, such as milk (up to 72) and juices (up to 98)

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The machines work with temperatures from 50 to 98 degrees Celsius.


Prevent the release of fat from other substances in the egg.

Cost savings

They are designed to reduce costs such as electricity, cleaning, water, labor and maintenance.

Easy to operate

The way our machines work is clear and easy to understand.

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